Measurement, Reporting & Optimisation

Stakeholder Alignment & Value Mapping
Data Driven Analytics (+ Actionable Intelligence, Beyond Biz Intelligence)
Systems Integration
Optimising Impact + Outcomes

What We Do


  • Reporting, measurement and optimisation.
  • Help organisations to grow, scale and make bigger impact – financially and/or socially.
  • Accurate stakeholder engagement
  • Identifying the most relevant KPI’s and metrics, and connecting the right data.
  • Convert data into real-time actionable intelligence.
  • Create simple systems with scheduled reporting and customised dashboards.
  • Optimise future spending.

Having a “user centric focus” is not a bunch of buzz words we use to lure you in, it is the foundation of our practice.  We have a hands on approach for engaging stakeholders at every level and translating their highest values into metrics that prove your success. The qualitative and quantitative measures we help you attain will become translated into actionable intelligence to help you optimise your efforts and get greater impact.

Want breezy scheduled/automated reporting? No worries!

How We Do It



We believe that learning about people’s highest values should be a fun and engaging process in itself. This is why we facilitate collaborative workshops, while utilising out custom built platform for direct stakeholder engagement and ideation at scale.

We use data driven analytics to lead each organisation to understand the most effective activities to enable the greatest outcomes for stakeholders at all levels.


Once the most relevant KPI’s and metrics are identified, we pull in real time data, benchmarks and KPIs. Our simple and cost effective mechanisms will show you the effectiveness of your efforts, such as real-time alerts, notifications, customised dashboards and scheduled reporting.


Affordable ongoing analysis and insights to help design programs, activities and future spending.

“Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”




Why Impactful?

We believe that business intelligence should not be limited to the corporate sector. We use human centred and lean methodologies to drive meaningful measurement and optimisation over time. We take you from reporting nightmares to actionable intelligence, helping you to become more effective and financially abundant, so you can make more impact. 

Measurement, Reporting & Optimisation.


Stakeholder Alignment & Value Mapping

Data Driven Analytics

Systems Integration

Optimising Impact + Outcomes


Community, Culture & People.


Accelerating Social Innovation

Community Building

Events & Speaking

Training & Facilitation


Audience, Engagement & Growth.


Customer Experience

Online Strategy

Communication + Traction

Digital Marketing


Custom Development & Design.


App & Website Dev

Landing Page & Conversion Optimisation

Custom Dev + Integration

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