Accelerating Purposeful Outcomes Through Technology


To create a sustainable world; a world that is fair and equitable between humans and all other species on earth.


Enabling others to have a universally positive impact, through collectively beneficial approaches towards technology, data and innovation.


We provide tools, platforms and methodologies to people who are working towards positive social outcomes, and ensure that their impact is optimised.

We Are Impactful


Impactful Ventures is a social enterprise. We believe we can transform the social and public purpose sectors into a thriving, innovative and data-driven sphere that drives more positive impact at scale.

We invest 100% of our profits towards fulfilling our mission. Our for-cause commercial venture operates through consulting in measurement and optimisation for nonprofits and organisations who are aligned with our vision.

Additionally, we establish, advise and fund social impact tech startups, as well as funding and operating an aligned non-profit, the Social Innovation Network.

Our Founders

Max Lynam

Max Lynam

Principal Consultant & Co-Founder

My dream is to enable the most effective and sustainably impactful outcomes for all stakeholders through technology, innovation, impact analytics and real-time agile data intelligence.
If you are interested in finding innovative ways to address the worlds wicked problems, let’s have a chat.

Megan Wright

Megan Wright

COO & Co-Founder

A humanitarian at heart, my interests in recent years have been centred on social innovation, social entrepreneurship and immersive technologies. I have expansive interests in fields of quantum physics, ontological design, geometries, holistic health and wellbeing practices, and am always interested to hear new ideas.

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